Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oops I Did It Again...


So, I've been thinking about this year's Etape. For a while.

I mean, part of me was saying I'd already done the Etape. That the Marmotte was harder. That there were multi-stage races, one day classics, available too.

But then they announced it. The Tourmalet. The Hautacam. The two most iconic climbs of the Pyrenees. In one race. With the pros riding through four days later.

The Alpe and the Telegraph will be there in the Marmotte next year. Or the Year after. The Ventoux has its own challenge.

So I'm riding the Etape again in 2014. With one or two things to get out of the way first...

I might have signed up to Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the oldest and possibly hardest one day race in cycling and the London Revolution (300km around London in May) and entered the ballot for the London 100 sportive too.

I have my Etape place, and all it took me was €95 and two and a half hours of arguing with the ASO site to sort out.

Anyone else with me?


  1. +1. Now I know what to expect I'm hoping to beat this year's position. Plus I live 3 hours from there so I really should make the effort.

    (€95 and 15 minutes on the ASO website)

    Looking forward to this year's blog James.

  2. Of course, we are hooked !!! It is the new drug after Oktoberfest !!! You should look at the Mallorca 167 and Tour du Lac Leman.

    We are riding on Sunday if you are interested

  3. Hi James - I must admit the etape was very tempting for me too, but I've signed up for the Marmotte for 2014 *gulp*

    I have the L-B-L pencilled in for 2015, so I'll be keeping an eye on your progress there!

    Best of luck mate - wear the 2013 etape jersey with pride!

  4. I'm ready for more disaster management (rent-a-bike + how to get back) next July too ;)


  5. Yep, doing my first one this year. Marcus

    1. Best of luck Marcus!

      From the first-timers that managed last year (myself included), I'd say you'll be fine as long as you take it seriously.

      Well, not fine. It will hurt. But barring a large amount of bad luck you should make it round.

      Feel free to read up on our adventures last year, it's a brilliant event and almost certainly worth the sweat and tears.