Thursday, April 10, 2014

Losing my mojo when training for the Etape du Tour

So there have been a couple of setbacks in my plan for 2014 already.

First, the trip to ride Liege-Bastonge-Liege was cancelled by the operator. While this proved to be something of a relief as I was struggling to see how I could possibly manage 160 miles in a day, let alone in about 12 hours, it took out a chunk of motivation.

But things were still going well. I averaged more than 150km a week in March - out every weekend for more than 100km with a few commutes thrown in and mid-week turbos to boot.

It was going well. And then, well, I stopped.

For the last 10 days I've basically done nothing. Missed turbos, missed my weekend ride, not turned up to a sportive I'd payed for,  barely ridden to work, eaten too much, slept too little and drank far, far too much.

I need to get back onto it, I need to get my mojo back. On the plus side Pez is back from holiday now and has a ride booked in this weekend.

Hopefully getting back on the bike this weekend will help kick start my training plan. And while I lost the LBL trip, I've gained a new one.

Pez and I found a deal - we're riding the first two stages of the Tour too - the ones in Yorkshire. The London Cambridge stage is just 100 miles long and really very flat. Should be quite a good long weekend ride.

I could ride four stages this year and I've got longer than I thought to prepare. Now, if I can just get back on the bike...

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  1. Hey matey keep the pecker up - been missing your updates and strava - have to admit to feeling the same this week - warmer weather is bound to help - see you in July - bayne