Monday, November 5, 2012

We're men, manly men, we're men in tights!

I now own "bib tights". The cold weather, a £10 off voucher for completeing a survey, another 30% discount all combined with my 0% credit card and one click buying to break my resolve.

So, man tights then. Oh, and arm tights too* (for much the same reasons listed above).

On the plus side this means my legs stay warmer and my movement on the bike is pretty much unrestricted. On the downside, well, tights.

Once I get over the fact I am now dressed ankle to wrist in basically a black lycra condom with reflecty bits, these are probably no bad thing.

And, after all, the priority list for cycling gear is function, cost, looks - in that order and no other.

Not counting Rapha, obviously.

*technically arm stockings, as there are two and they don't join together. Or "arm warmers" if you're being all technical

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