Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"When are you going to stop playing football?"

Me, considering playing football
This question from fellow Etaper Pez caught me off guard.

Football helps, surely. A way to boost my cardio, burn fat and indoors too so I can keep going through the depths of winter.

So I told him that. "You'll be terrified of getting injured closer to the time," he replied.

He was right.

I concluded that by the time I started my "taper" in June, I'd probably stop playing.

Not that I've never been seriously hurt playing football. But then I've seen plenty of team-mates break wrists, twist knees, break their feet, pull muscles etc while playing.

And in the very first game after signing up for the Etape, I twisted my ankle.

I actually laughed (it was entirely my own fault, I trod on the ball while trying to pull off a trick I'm not good enough to pull off).

So, I revised my "when I stop playing football" date to Spring.

That way I get to keep exercising in the warm in winter, and when there's enough daylight to start getting rides in before/after work as well as at the weekend, stop risking injury.

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