Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Etape du Tour broom wagon / cut off times released

If you missed it, here are the official 2014 Etape du Tour cut off times (ie broom wagon times) for the ride on July 20. http://www.letapedutour.com/ET1/docs/Itin%C3%A9raire_Horaire_EDT14.pdf

The long and short of it is we have 10 hours, assuming you start in the last pen, to complete the course. At a 15kph average. Including five drinks stops, four feed stations, two cat 3s and two of the hardest mountains in the Pyrenees.

In case that sounds easy to you, last year I was struggling at below 10kph thanks to the heat and gradient on the Semnoz. And there's a lot of climbing this year.

There are four cut off points on the route at 35km in (10:34am); 67km in at the foot of the Tourmalet (12:36am); 90km in half way up the Tourmalet (14:32); and 131.5km in at the bottom of the Hautcam (16:50).

So get to the bottom of the Hautcam by 16:50 - a little over 8 hours after the final pen rolls out - and they'll let you finish by the looks of it. I'll get a proper breakdown up when I can.

Here's a dedicated page for the route of the 2014 Etape to give you a better idea of where everything is on the way: http://www.letapedutour.com/ET1/us/the-route.html

In PDF here: http://netstorage.lequipe.fr/ASO/egp/letape-du-tour/2014/parcours/EDT14_PARCOURS.pdf

Oh, and here's a mini Etape du tour 2014 route recce to see what it's like:

Good luck guys!

The times in detail
Official Etape du Tour 2014 cut off times - courtesy of ASO

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  1. Getting close now mate it's the time cut offs that give me the nerves