Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The King's yardstick - How's my Etape training compares to last year

Training this year has mostly been about finding nice cafes, and buying things
This year has been far more relaxed than last in my preparations for the Etape.

By this time last year I was dieting hard and lost a good 5-6kgs, had gone on two training camps, one in Majorca one in Wales, had turboed a lot and ridden a lot more than I'd turboed.

I made a plan of progressively harder sportives to ride along the way too, and was following a training plan devised by actual sports training people to get you through the Etape.

This year, I'm 3kg over my Etape weight and haven't really dieted at all, have been on no training camps, turboed not enough and weekend riding has been sporadic lately.

The list of sportives has been replaced with social rides with a few cycling buddies - some of whom are riding the Etape themselves, some of whom aren't.

On the plus side, I lost an entire month last year (May), which I haven't this year, and have a bunch of new kit (new wheels, shoes and pedals, had a bike fit and a new Garmin meaning I can manage my performance while riding better) as well as a year's more riding in my legs overall.

I also had an excellent March's training, where I was miles ahead of where I was 12 months previously, even if I've slipped since.

But where am I compared to last year? I decided to let the King decide.

Straight after Wales last year I rode the King of the Downs, one of the hardest sportives in the UK.

You can read about the pain, and when I met some of this blog's readers in real life for the first time, etc here: http://how-im-doing-the-etape-du-tour.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/am-i-actually-good-enough-to-ride-2013.html

I was riding it again this year - I'd prepared the day before as well as I could throwing so much pasta, rocket etc into me I felt a bit ill, headed to bed early, had a good breakfast and loaded my [new, aero] jersey with food.

I weighed in at 72.4kg ahead of carb loading, I didn't record my weight before last year's ride, but it might well be close.

But would I beat last year's time? Turns out we'll never know.

Why? Well, I may have got lost...

King of the Downs, as well as being 117 miles long, basically points you at 10 of the hardest hills in Surrey and Kent it can.

Yorks, Crocknorth, Ranmore, Coombe, Leith, Kidd's Hill [aka The Wall] and, well, Box (again, always Box).

None of them are nice, most have sections above 15% (above 20% too). Apart from Box, obviously.
The rest stop where the year before we met the readers - this year meeting no one
So what did I do? I missed a left turn sign and added an extra hill to the ride. And not any extra hill, Barhatch.

The full climb is 3km long at an average of 5%, but that average includes a brief downhill and the final section ramps to 21%.

It hurt. It hurt more because I shouldn't have to have been riding it. And because I'd smugly smiled at the people I'd seen coming up it as I whizzed down. And because, well, 21%. With gravel under the tyres making them slip.

There was another problem with this too - because if a late-ish start I had four hours to cover the first half of the course to make the cut off. I'd just added 6/7km to the course and half of that was a rather nasty climb.

I'd gone from needing to cover 90km in 4 hours to having to cover 96. So a 24kmh average needed - including break stops - having added 200+ metres of climbing to the course.

I'd also effectively lost everyone I was riding with (I was a bit ahead of them, they went by me while I was Barhatching, they would have hit the break stop first and assumed I'd not waited for them and ridden off).

I sent a text to Pez and we met at the top of Box Hill - 60km into the ride - after laughing at me, we set off to try and hit that cut off time.

The best I can say is that we were close. I averaged 23.9km/h - faster than last year, although not the full course - but with 12mins of stopping time at breaks+finding Pez I missed the cut off by 10 mins and were stopped half way.
The finish was a welcome sight - just 90km too soon
Could I learn anything from this?

Well, I'd climbed more than half last year's course (thanks to extra hill) in about half the distance at a higher average speed. But then, I also only rode 95km rather than 180+.

Comparing the first half numbers, things look more encouraging.

I was 1.6km/h faster up the first hill on the course. A tiny bit faster up the second, 0.8km/h faster up the third, a tiny bit quicker up the fourth and miles away on Box Hill (but, well, Box Hill).

So of the five climbs, I was quicker on four of them and the fifth is Box, bloody, Hill. Which I've set new PBs on this year and went up almost aggressively slowly due to my ongoing anger with being made to ride it.

Two of the hills I beat last year's time on were close, really close, with me only "winning" this year on the longest segment while the sub-segments hopped between this year and last year being quicker. But there were comfortable wins on the other two. So it's hard to say I've declined.

So, in theory, I'm a bit better than last year. Of course, it might just be the wheels...

But there's one other small advantage I have this year, the Etape is two weeks later so I've got a bit more time to train.


  1. Hi James

    Good to see that you're back riding the tough stuff (despite navigational mishaps!). Building to those Yorkshire rides should see you peaking nicely for the Etape.

    Best of luck!

    1. Yorkshire scares me. The London Revolution was a bit of a Yorkshire lite, and that hurt by the end - so I'm stepping up turbo work to try and get in shape....

  2. Hi Ive only just came across your blog this year but am finding a good read and enjoying comparing my training to it. Reading this latest post i am thinking I might have a look at improving my diet for this final push to the Etape although I am already lighter and faster than last year. I am looking forward to the Etape this year and I believe the first section is easier than last year was having ridden it twice. Looking forward to your Yorkshire write up should be two amazing days but I decided it was too close to the etape to push myself to the limits on two back to back days.